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@AnthonyBaker I'm in the process of updating my list of Best Podcast Players and would be happy to recommend something else to you! My preferred app for iPhone/Mac is Downcast ($2.99 one-time fee). It has excellent controls for whether podcasts auto-download, how many, how many seconds into each episode you want to start playing (for when you know there are always 2 mins of ads at the start).

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I'm looking for people who were laid off from "big tech" and landed somewhere that's not that. This isn't for a particular piece for the WSJ, yet. I just want to listen and understand what stories there are here that need to be told. If you're this person or know one, I'd love to hear from you.

We KNOW generative AI without an unconstrained corpus of data have NO sense of meaning or fact & should not be used by news sites or search engines to write news or answer factual queries. I'm not sure what the point is of "testing" them.
TMore interesting q: how accurate LLMs are when restricted to a limited corpus (e.g., interview transcript, meeting transcript, court filing). We KNOW raw models cannot general questions (it ain't AGI, folks!). Can they summarize well?