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I think reasonable people can disagree on the nuances of privacy engineering can get really in the weeds of epsilons and trust boundaries.

Mozilla need to understand that that isn't what is happening here.

The fact is this is a new data gathering vector, it doesn't matter how privacy-preserving it is, it should be subject to *new, informed, and proactive* consent - rather than being automatically enrolled in an experiment.

Liverpool City Council launches consultation on housing vision to 2030: LIVERPOOL City Council on:- Wednesday, 10 July 2024, has launched a public consultation on the Xity’s housing plans. The Council has set out a vision to 2030 with a commitment to support 2,000 new homes a year, reduce the number of empty properties and tackle homelessness in its new draft housing strategy, which once implemented will shape a £1 billion plus building programme.


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Respectfully, enough of this 'bad day' nonsense. It's a great day! Trump chose J. D. Vance, an absolutely terrible VP candidate. His corrupt judge has completely screwed the pooch. The RNC convention is a hate fueled horror show. They are completely overplaying their hand. Ignore the media. We, the people, will decide this election. Carry on! We got this!