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47 tyska NGO:er förklarar i uppropet #ByeByeElon varför de nu tillsammans upphör med all aktivitet på X-Twitter.

Här en sammanställning över aktörer som lämnat (via @eloquence):
Slående hur universitet och akademiska institutioner klamrar sig fast vid X trots Musks fortsatta extremhögervridning.

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We continue with a talk by Allona Vazan on the rain of rocks in sub-Neptunes. We‘re not talking about rain as we know it, but rain deep in the interior of the planet. An important reminder: we don’t know about the interior structures of these planets. So composition as well as interiors are degeneracy we want to/need to break.

So how do we figure out interiors? Let‘s dig into theory for this. It all starts in a disc around the star and we end up with a core + envelope? #exoplanets5