Verified Journalist is a service provided by The Doodle Project. It was originally created by Fourth Estate® and Honeytree Technologies. It serves as a directory and tool to discover and verify authentic journalists and news outlets on Mastodon and other federated social media platforms.

This application is still in its early stages of development, so users should anticipate occasional bugs, changes, and disruptions.

VerifiedJournalist.org is a valuable resource for journalists seeking to connect their Mastodon accounts to verified profiles. With Mastodon's vast network of servers and no dedicated team to verify journalist identities, websites, and job titles, there is a risk of impersonation. By linking their Mastodon account to a VerifiedJournalist.org profile, journalists and news organizations can establish their credibility, legitimacy, and accountability, fostering transparency and trust on the platform.

Furthermore, the service assists readers in discovering and following verified journalists on Mastodon, increasing their visibility and traffic.

The upcoming version of the service will concentrate on tackling federated social media challenges and enhancing the discoverability and value of news content and articles.

For updates, feature suggestions, or complaints, please follow @[email protected]